HENNY PENNY CUPCAKES - About the Baker - Havre, MT
Henny Penny Cupcakes - Cupcakes worth crowing about!
About the Baker
 The creator of Henny Penny Cupcakes had no idea that her love for baking  would end up becoming cupcake artistry.
   Penny was born and raised in the Sweet Grass Hills of North Central Montana on a cattle ranch. Time spent with her mother, Helen,  taught Penny the true meaning of creative cooking. Having 3 sisters and 5 brothers Penny had her own taste testers and live in critics. Penny has always dreamed of having a  bakery of her own.
   With her families encouragement Penny started baking and amazing family and friends with her unique cupcakes and creative cakes. She had no idea that helping her niece with a bake sale would lead to a downtown bakery!  The new location at 215 Third Avenue in Have, Montana,  brings even more variety of products available to choose from. Penny's love for chickens and her growing collection are apparent when you step into the bakery. Henny Penny Cupcakes and Cake Kreations is a reflection of her baking skills and her creative nature.
   Penny has created a collection of cupcakes and cakes that are simple yet elegant. Flavors  reminiscent of simpler times. Penny recalls someone telling her that " You do things the old-fashioned way." Her response was "Thank you for the compliment!" She  hopes that you will step into the past and enjoy a little taste of Montana!
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